FreeMotion Equipment

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the equipment. Now everyone wants one at home! I have sent a letter to my company leaders explaining how pleased we are to have been given the opportunity to train with Freemotion.”

“Thank you so much for coming to Spectrum at Tezel the other day.  I really enjoyed all the info you guys shared with us. I know FreeMotion is a big reason why our trainers do so well at Spectrum.  I have been a FreeMotion fan for a long time, and I love learning new info on the equipment.” – Sky Wild, General Manager In-Shape Health Clubs, Visalia

“Great work Pat, Jeremy and the rest of the team. You guys truly have first rate equipment. Always looking forward to seeing your next great product.” – Trak Fitness

“Some of the best equipment I’ve ever used.” – James Price, Police Officer at City of San Antonio

Incline Training

“We have really utilized the incline trainers in not only our program design but also as a separating point between other gyms. We incorporate the 21 and 2 program with a lot of our clients here in many different ways. We either use it as a tool between rest or as assigned cardio the days they do not meet nor have resistance training. It is a unique program that we have because not only does it burn a higher percentage of fat and a grueling workout but it’s also a lot less wear and tear on the overall body. Our clients here are really pleased and as a result, fitness is our number one profit center here at Dynamic.” – Jared Williams, Dynamic Fitness

“I currently work out at CDM Fitness and LOVE the Freemotion Incline trainers.  I am moving up to Santa Monica, and was wondering if you know any gyms in the area (Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific  Palisades) who carry this equipment?”

“Just a quick  note: I tried your FreeMotion basic treadmill at the 24 hr fitness in Ontario last night and am really impressed. I was using the other treadmills which seem to lean to the left as I am guessing the motor is on that side and there seems to be an out of phase phenomenon as if the treadmill is bouncing up when one is impacting it. Anyway I was hesitant at first since I wasn’t sure the drinks would stay on as I run for an hour or so. I am 56 years of age and thought the imbalance  was due to years of running marathons (sub 2:25 in the early 80’s).I still get up to 5:00 minute pace for a few seconds or so, but was really impressed by how smooth and flawless the treadmill is. I only run twice a week,Sunday and Thursday so far, and am looking forward to next Thursday already. I work in the mechanical fields including vibration analysis so I have a great respect as a runner and one who knows when a machine is running smoothly. THANK YOU!”

“It is a nice addition and its my favorite cardio equipment right now.”

“Thank you so much for coming to Spectrum at Tezel the other day.  I really enjoyed all the info you guys shared with us. I know FreeMotion is a big reason why our trainers do so well at Spectrum.  I have been a FreeMotion fan for a long time, and I love learning new info on the equipment.  So, I could pass up the opportunity of “stealing” some new moves from you. Just want you to know I have been putting all my clients on the 21-2 setting since y’all came over, and they all hate y’all. Again, I appreciate the time you took to come out. Please feel free to contact me.”

“As much as I dislike having to use a treadmill – – I LOVE this treadmill!”

“You think 4 miles / hour is easy?!?!? Try the Incline Trainer at 30%!!!! It provides a hard-core workout even for elite level mountain runners.” – Uli Steidl, 7-time Seattle Marathon Winner


 “Love the Rip:60. Major advantages over TRX and I am sure there is more to come. Keep on innovating.”  – Trak Fitness

“Loved this class, Love Rip60!” – Missy Buttars, Sports Academy and Racket Club

“This isn’t the kind of workout that’s going to make you like a huge beefcake kind of guy. It’s going to make you lean and strong. Most of the people who participate in the Sports Academy’s Rip: 60 classes feel “tighter” within a week.” – Ethan Nuttall, Sports Academy Fitness Director 

Cable Strength

“I have been a trainer for nearly 20 years, coming from a conservative educational back ground. With a strong base in biomechanics, my exposure to Free Motion had been minimal until the last 4 years. It was around that time that the facility that I worked for purchased a few new pieces from the FreeMotion line starting with the FM squat, FM cable chest press and the FM cable crossover. The traditional uses of the squat and chest press were easily seen, but it was the versatility of the FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross that was what really started to get the wheels turning for new and different ways to create change for my clients. While always focusing on ways to challenge clients by using options other than just increasing weight, I was able to manipulate force angles, use unilateral loading, take advantage of the versatility of the rotational exercises and create multiplanar movements. Needless to say FreeMotion has definitely taken my training as well as my client’s fitness to the next level.” – Kevin Kordish, Trainer for the Dallas Cowboys

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming all the way up here and teaching us about the Freemotion equipment. Everyone learned so much from your demonstrations and knowledge. I have encouraged everyone to check out the website and practice when they workout. I love the machines! I see all of the personal trainers using the equipment with their clients and the staff is stopping people who are working out on the machine to help them out! Thank you again. I hope you can come back and do another class with us soon!”

“The FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross is our Trainers only weight machine… and, they couldn’t be happier! ” – Be Hard Corps

Incline Trainer with iFit Powered by Google Maps

“I bought one of these last January! The best treadmill out there, if you use the ifit.com you can map out any trail or route you want and incline/decline AUTOMATICALLY adjust for you!!! AWESOME TREADMILL!”          

“I love iFit and the incline trainer – every day, I run a different trail. Yesterday – Central Park NY, today, Delicate Arch UT!”

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