FreeMotion TV- Tour-de-France Bike

Here you will find all our videos on the FreeMotion Tour-de-France Bike. To learn more about it’s features and benefits click HERE. 

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cyclist, the new Tour de France Indoor Cycle brings an authentic, engaging cycling experience designed to train your body for life and sport. The maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive system combines the quiet, smooth ride of a belt drive with power and efficiency of a chain drive. Incline and decline adjustments allow you to truly replicate the fluctuating terrain of an outdoor ride. The full-color touch screen allows you to monitor your workout stats with the swipe of a finger while built-in iFit technology and Google Maps allows you to ride anywhere in the world. Seamlessly take your outdoors cycling experience indoors with the FreeMotion Tour de France bike.

In this video FreeMotion Master Coach Lisa Rene Tumminello talks about the philosophy of FreeMotion Fitness and how the Tour-de-France fits that philosophy.

Learn more in this quick 5-minute overview video of the Tour-de-France Bike

In this Google Hangout you’ll learn all about the Tour-de-France bike from the FreeMotion Fitness Director of Education, the Head Trainer at iFit, a National Sales Manager for FreeMotion Fitness as well as a FreeMotion Master Technician; each offering their own unique perspective on this amazing Indoor Cycling bike.

Get that real outdoor cycling experience with the new Tour-de-France bike from FreeMotion Fitness! As you’ll see in the video below, this bike allows you to incline 20% and decline 10% AND ride every stage of Le Tour with fully loaded programs!

As you’ll see in this video, each FreeMotion Tour-de-France bike comes with a touch screen console featuring iFit and Google Maps. The high-resolution touch screen console gives riders multiple screen options. iFit enables riders to upload and track their personal workout data, and Google Maps provides an endless supply of real-time, interactive rides to keep you engaged and excited for their next adventure.

Now you can track your training intensity like the pros and fine-tune your power output for a better benchmark performance. The built-in power meter displays power output (watts) for the purest indication of your cycling performance. The FreeMotion Tour de France bike individually calibrates the power display for precision readouts!

Map a course in your neighborhood or ANYWHERE in the world with Google Maps and ride it on the Tour-de-France bike!



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