FreeMotion Master Coach- Rob Cook

Rob CookRob Cook graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness as an Executive Master Trainer and went on to start his first Personal Training/Bootcamp Business on the Gold Coast, Australia. Afterwards, he began travelling and working with elite athletes, celebrities and business executives throughout the UK, US & Canada.

While in the UK, Rob began studying with FASTER Global and attained his Diploma in Functional Performance and Diploma in Functional Therapy amongst others.

He is now the Head Educator/Mentor for FASTER Global in the regions of Asia Pacific where he travels often, teaching courses to educate other trainers as well as the Head educator in Thailand for NASM.

Rob currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand where he proudly Founded NewMoves with his team of trainers who work with diplomats, celebrities, expatriates and athletes while specializing in conditioning, rehab and many other aspects of the Fitness industry.

Rob writes regularly for many Thai and International magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar and LifestyleAsia and is often featured in publications such The Bangkok Post, GQ Thailand and CLEO to name just a few.