Aside from leading the way with the most innovative fitness equipment in the industry, FreeMotion Fitness also has an entire education department dedicated to researching, testing and creating highly effective personal training and group exercise programming to be implemented into health clubs. These programs have seen tremendous success all around the world, creating communities of health club members who get excited about improving their health and are having a fantastic time doing it.

FreeMotion currently offers several programs for health clubs to implement into their group exercise schedule. These education packages include a training by a FreeMotion Master Coach as well as cue cards and manuals for club trainers. For more information about FreeMotion’s Club Educational Offerings contact Brandon Hadley at


8-Hour Trainings
| FreeFit360 | Rip60 | Rapidfit | InclineFit | FreeMotion Cable Training
• 6-hour course with a certified FreeMotion Master Coach
• 2-hour Member interaction demo
• Continuing Education Credits
• Training Manuals
• Exercise Cue Cards
• 8 progressive pre-designed workouts

6-Hour Trainings
| Indoor Cycling | Incline Training | iFit
• 4-hour course with a FreeMotion Certified Master Coach
• 2-hour member demo

For pricing or more information on scheduling a training contact Brandon Hadley at

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