FM in Clubs

FreeMotion Fitness is recognized for its dedication to developing equipment and products that will bring its users faster and more effective fitness results than any other fitness equipment on the market. Through research and testing methods, FreeMotion has developed innovative equipment and programming that has been scientifically proven to produce phenomenal physiological improvements in the way people look, feel, and move.  Because of this,  fitness clubs that feature FreeMotion equipment and integrate FreeMotion programming into their personal training strategies are easily recognized as the clubs that offer their members cutting edge fitness equipment and training that is most effective in helping members to reach their fitness goals in a safe, efficient and enjoyable way.

FreeMotion has distributors, dealers and Master Coaches all over the world, populating health and fitness clubs with this advanced equipment and educating the world on the latest and greatest ways to train. Those who have been involved with FreeMotion can testify as to the amazing results they have experienced; either as a club owner, trainer or member. Not to mention the equipment looks great and can be customized to fit in any club setting. Check out the photos below!

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If you are interested in getting FreeMotion equipment in your club, please fill out  and submit the form below and you will contacted by a FreeMotion representative soon.

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