FreeMotion Figure- Natalies Journey to the Stage (PEAK WEEK)

PEAK WEEK is upon us! I see the finish line and oh do I feel it too! This next Saturday is the day to fulfill this commitment to myself. I set out about 20 week ago to accomplish competing in a Figure Competition. The process has NOT been an easy one, but I did not expect that to be the case. I wanted to do this to test my discipline and commitment level, to turn a dream into action, and complete something super challenging. To some it may seem a little silly, but I can honestly tell you I have learned more about myself through this process than I ever imagined.

A couple things I have learned a long the way…

1. There are MORE people in your cheering section than in the critic’s seats… At least that’s what I choose to focus on and believe. The support has been incredible. I get emails, calls and text messages on a daily basis. They have lifted my spirits on the tough days. This journey can definitely be an emotional one at times. Anything that pulls us out of our comfort zone this intensely will bring up emotions that don’t feel so great.

I specifically remember a day I was feeling completely out of my league and inadequate for this type of competition. It was that day I received a text from a friend thanking me for a blog post I had written that helped her through a tough time she was going through. ONE of my WHYs for doing this competition was to uplift and inspire! It felt so good to know it was helping at least one person that day!

2. STOP putting your dreams on hold until it’s a better time… I know we are all guilty of this. The famous “when my kids are grown I will…” or “When I retire I will…” or “When I’m making more money I will…” In the last 20 weeks I traveled about 10 times including two international trips for work. I planned and carried out the BIGGEST event I have ever put on. It was a 6-day FreeMotion Master Coach Summit, which literally consisted of 16-hour days! My husband bought a business and the list goes on and on. So many things that I could have let hold me back from accomplishing this competition. It’s so easy to fall into this trap. But what if RIGHT NOW is the perfect, perfect time to put action into our dreams. It was perfectly imperfect timing for me!



3. FreeMotion Fitness Rocks my WORLD!…HEAR ME OUT! I have been fortunate to do most all my training on FreeMotion Fitness equipment. 20 weeks of intense workouts and my body feels amazing! Cable training is where it’s at because we can increase strength without the major ware and tare on our joints. In fact, the cable helps to increase the strength of the smaller stabilizing muscles, which completely decreased my chance of injury. PLUS, cable lets me define my path of movement, which decreases pain and injury as well. I built back my soccer booty on that FreeMotion Incline trainer and burned TONS of calories while doing it. With the combo of all of it, I was able to drop 6% body fat and increase my lean muscle mass! Overall, head to toe I am in the best shape of my life. I could say so much more on this topic and if you want to learn more, go to

4. In EVERYTHING we do in life the most important part is the people we meet and the relationships we build… It’s easy to get so focused on the things we have on our TO DO lists. The task we need to complete, the numbers we have to hit at work, the kid’s pick ups and drop offs, etc. Do we stop and foster what is most important, the connection with the amazing people in our lives.

This process of getting to the stage can be a very selfish one. I made a conscious effort through it all to be HUMAN. By Human, I mean connected. I wasn’t always perfect at it, but I was aware of the importance of it. I had the chance to make new friendships through this process. One of them was a teammate, Jessica, coached by my same coaches. So many times we connected and leaned on each other for support and encouragement. We get to stand on that stage together in a couple days and I feel just as proud of her as I do of myself.

We all have a story. We all have something to offer. What a shame it is to pass that by because we are too busy marking things off our TO DO lists.

5. Be kind through the failures… There are bound to be pitfalls. This process has not been a perfect one for me according to the “rules”, but really it’s been my perfect process. There were multiple times I practiced self-compassion. Thanks to my very patient husband who guided me through it many times. This lesson alone was worth this entire process. Fall, eat dirt, pick yourself up, move on! I got really good at this!

6. Do what you say you are going to do… Some days the ONLY reason I accomplished what I needed to accomplish was for this reason and this reason alone. I took the required actions every single day because I had made a commitment. The goal was not going to be accomplished just by talking about it. It required DAILY action.

I knew and understood this concept before this competition prep, but along the way it has become engrained in my soul. There is no other way!

I really could go on and on, but I will leave it at that for now.

I am beyond excited to accomplish this goal and just as excited for it to come to an end.  This week will be the toughest yet, but I feel more focused than ever! Im going to finish this thing strong! 

We plan to get lots of video and photos the day of the competition and I promise to share them here with all of you. I am beyond grateful for all of your support and especially the support of my FreeMotion Family.

Follow Natalie’s journey with these hashtags:
#NatsFreeMotionJourney #FreeMotionFigure





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