FreeMotion Figure- Natalie’s Journey to the Stage (Week 7 & 8)

Last week I was able to attend, as a spectator, my first figure competition at the NPC Utah Cup. It was an eye opening experience and let me tell you…IT IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. It was both exactly what I expected and a little different at the same time. I was definitely inspired AND if I am being completely honest, a little FRIGHTENED. All good signs that I am doing something truly out of my comfort zone!

One of my teammates, Mikka Vallace, also coached by Jenny and Jeff Later, won the entire Figure category!

Mikka gave me permission to share this picture with all of you. I wanted to show you her before picture and progress pictures. NOTICE the weight! This is a very clear illustration why the scale should NEVER be your only measurement of fitness and progress. From 2014 to 2016 Mikka has put on 15 pounds of muscle! Incredible!IMG_8153
Today, I am officially 11 weeks out from my competition. June 4th will be the big day!

This past week I had 3 workouts a day, most days. Two workouts were cardio and one workout was a new lifting schedule. I loved my new lifts this week and will share one of those workouts with you on the next blog post. I’m excited to share another cardio workout on the incline trainer with you next week as well.

Important to note: Every cardio session I do, I always sip on my BCAA’s. This helps protect my muscles that I am working so hard to build!

I hit 100% on nutrition this week! YES! Nutrition is a HUGE component to any fitness goal you have. It is clearer to me now then ever before that when working to change your body, it is NOT just about calories in calories out. What those calories consist of makes a huge difference. #proteinbuildsmuscles

I leaned on key people this week for support. It’s incredible how important it is to have those people in your corner. Pep talks, words of encouragement, and a soft place to fall goes a long way when you have taken on something that forces you to feel exposed, stretched and vulnerable.

Here are a few progress photos from this week:
IMG_8147 IMG_8143
PS I have not been taught the poses yet. I am just making it up. 😊

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