FreeMotion Figure- Natalie’s Journey to the Stage (Week 5)

BUILDING A BOOTY…here’s how ☺

I’m excited to share one of my lower body workouts with you this week! We filmed a short time lapse video of each exercise and I even included reps and sets for you.

YES you can build a booty training with FreeMotion Cable. Honestly, the transformation I see and feel the most is in my butt and my legs. I contribute it to two things:

  1. The workout I just shared with you
  2. AND Incline training!

Research shows that you will activate your Glutes 68% more when walking on an incline versus on a flat surface. I am lucky because I have access to the FreeMotion Incline Trainer. This machine goes all the way to a 30% grade.

I literally do 20 minutes of cardio above a 20% grade and know I’m getting the results of a 72-minute workout because I am training on incline. I also love that my heart and lungs are being conditioned, but not at the expense of my muscles. I’m working so hard to build and maintain muscle growth and I know that when I do my cardio on the incline trainer, that muscle is being activated and supported.


Try this workout on the FreeMotion incline trainer and you will BURN FAT and BUILD MUSLCE…AND all you have to do is walk!

2 minutes      18%    2-3mph
30 seconds     30%    3-4mph
2 minutes       20%    2-3mph
30 seconds     30%    3-4mph


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