Welcome to FreeMotion Fitness


FreeMotion Fitness was founded in 1999 based on a simple, yet bold observation: One-dimensional training doesn’t carry over to a three dimensional world, a place where twisting, turning, and moving in all planes is a natural occurrence. This observation resulted in the fitness breakthrough FreeMotion.

The philosophy of FreeMotion training is based on training the body consistent with its functional design and basic human movement patterns. FreeMotion focuses on building flexibility, strength, stability, and balance through replicating natural movements such as pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging and squatting. FreeMotion is a safe, simple and fun way to train the body. FreeMotion training challenges the body the way it was designed to function and trains the body to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Training with FreeMotion can help clients:
• Improve the way the body moves and feels
• Decrease body fat
• Increase lean muscle mass
• Increase energy and endurance
• Improve balance
• Improve flexibility
• Improve performance

The combination of FreeMotion equipment and the progressive programming that supports it provides the
client a simple, yet effective training method designed to meet their needs. The FreeMotion methodology
targets the entire body so that the training is not only effective, but time efficient as well. Each program is also flexible in scope and function as to allow any individual or group to enhance fitness and
performance levels.